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In this section we take you inside our Business to give you a view of what life’s like when you come to work for us.

We offer flexible hours, accredited training, fantastic career prospects and a whole host of other rewards and benefits that fit around you and your lifestyle.

Whatever you’re looking for from a job, you can find it with us.


Why join the team at Kelly’s Centra?

We know that our people want four things from the business at Kelly’s:

• To be treated with trust and respect
• A manager who helps & supports them
• An interesting job
• An opportunity to develop themselves as individuals

Everyone is Welcome:

Our aim is to reflect the communities we serve and mirror the workforce that we recruit from. We try and make sure everyone can work in a way that suits their circumstances & individuality. We support flexible working, offering part-time roles and support shift-swapping where possible. We look at people differently we look at the individual and their strengths and allow these strengths to come through in their everyday job.

We support organisations like PWDI and work closely with them in employing people with disabilities although we only see people and their ability.

A real opportunity to develop yourself:

Everyone who works here is encouraged to broaden their experience and work in different areas of the Business. We want ambitious people to progress and encourage them to do so. Our commitment to our people is that we will give them the opportunity to develop as individuals both inside and outside the business.

We give the training and support you will need to do this at Kelly’s. An example of this would be if a person has ambitions of being their own boss someday, we offer mentoring to them while in our business and even afterwards when they go on to deliver their own vision in their business life.

There are a number of ways our people can achieve their personal development goals with us, every year through our appraisals program we identify training needs for our people and we then go about ensuring we get the correct tool for our people to do the deliver their training needs & effectively support them do a better job.

We also use Talent Planning to identify and fill our vacancies, where people express an interest in progressing within the business and wants us to support them we offer a number of third level qualification Degree courses, cert and Diploma course also.

For example, back in 1992, Mairtin Kelly, proprietor of Kelly’s started his career as a Trainee manager of Quinnsworth and he progressed to a point where he now manages this successful business, he has always said” A lot of people got me to this point and it’s my duty wherever possible to support the next generation of business people, to give back what was given to me so freely from so many generous & patient Mentors”

Our Culture:

We never take anyone for granted. Our customers don’t have to shop or eat with us. We know that. We have to do absolutely everything we can to make their customer Experience the best they have ever had… We always ask our Team to tell us about the very best customer experience they ever had? And they do! Here at Kelly’s we always say “if you know what its like to receive the best customer experience then you will always be able to offer the best experience also….

We know that if we look after our People and treat our People with trust and respect they will look after our customers. That’s why so many of our People stay and in some cases have been in this business for over 15 years.

It’s everyone’s job here to help our customers first, whenever they can, whenever they’re needed. That’s why, at busy times of the day you will see the owner and his managers available to cover till duties so that our customers gets the Best service at all times and do not have to wait to be served, we are very conscious that we all have busy lifestyles and wherever we can help make life easier we aim to do that.

If that strikes a chord, we’d love to hear from you.


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