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Mission Statement

Our purpose is to deliver an excellent Customer experience every time you visit us, we do this by offering great prices and by being Better and Different than our competitors every day.

How do we deliver on this Statement:

Through 5 words: Every Customer is an individual. The thing is we used to be a business that did things very well. But at Kelly’s we want to do more for our customers that’s why Mairtin Kelly (proprietor) encourages his staff to talk with customers and find out how we can do things better.


Centra Brand


Live Every Day

The new Centra TV commercial refreshes the brand position for the first time in over a decade.
Breaking with a long-established theme ‘For the way we live today’, the Centra brand is adapting its message to a much-

changed environment. The TV idea is based on a strong and simple insight: Now more than ever, people are on the lookout for simple ways to bring a little happiness into their everyday lives.


Customers reminded us of a small, simple truth. Nobody loves doing the shopping (not the “we’ve run out of loo roll” kind, anyway). So we thought maybe it would help if we were to make shopping a little… nicer. How do we treat every customer like individuals well let’s look at this.

“Mum with 3 kids in tow”  likes her bags brought to her car and we are here to help! Customers like to be told about our offers – we inform them of this on every transaction and if we forget the till automatically prompts us when an offer is available, for example “Buy one get one free!”

Our Range suits everyone so if you only have time for Sandwich on the Go we have Pre-made sandwiches made fresh every day, or if you like wraps/rolls, from our Deli, and if you are looking for something more tempting we have a huge range in our Hot deli.

Maybe you would like to take some time out in our restaurant to answer emails using our free WI-FI service while enjoying a freshly brewed tea or cappuccino, or a mouth-watering snack/lunch/dinner from our carefully selected restaurant menu.


We’re a local community business and we aim to be highly successful. But, there’s no conflict between that and Kelly’s values by looking after our customers and making their lives a bit easier, everyone benefits by sustaining employment, supporting indigenous suppliers, supporting local clubs and charities.

Kelly’s values apply to our staff too, we’ve made promises to them; about being respected, about being helped at work, about having the chance to get on, and about doing something interesting and being able to use their initiative and their creative side.

We want them to be happy.

We see the ability in People.

Because if we’re not looking after them, who is looking after our customers?

Proprietor of Kelly’s Centra


Mairtin Kelly

The Kellys’ Centra Store located on the N56 at Mountain Top, Letterkenny opposite Highland Radio is owned by local man Mairtin Kelly.

Mairtin is married to Angie who hails from Glenswilly and is the daughter of Grace and Charlie Jack McDaid. Mairtin and Angie have three kids, Oisin and twins Aine and Seanan – so this really is a family run business. They know how difficult it is at present trying to stretch a family budget and get good quality and value whether it’s your weekly shop or your weekly treat to eat out with the Kids.

You will get all this at Kelly’s Centra & Mountain Top Restaurant.


Mairtin has a very successful retail career behind him having worked locally for a number of years in various Centra retail outlets. Such was his success with the local stores that Mairtin moved rapidly through the ranks to senior management positions and was quickly promoted by Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland to the post of Regional Manager for Centra in the Northwest.

He now intends to bring all those years of dedication and experience to his new store at Mountain Top for the benefit of all customers and for the local community.

I would like to express my appreciation to all our loyal customers over the last number of years. There is currently forty staff who also have remained loyal and dedicated whilst delivering excellent customer service under the guidance of Managers David Bonner and Lee O Donnell, ably assisted by Restaurant Manager Leah McNulty.

Customers will already notice a number of improvements in the design and layout of the store.


The restaurant has also undergone a significant makeover and in addition we have new menus and special offers to suit every customers Budget. Since the takeover in September 2011 substantial renovations have been completed in the bar and restaurant area. A newly refurbished private function and meeting room is available and ideally suited for small parties such as Christmas Parties, 21st birthdays, Christening’s, retirement functions and all types of get togethers!

As part of its commitment to the local community in Donegal and to Irish jobs and suppliers, 75% of goods sold in store is either produced or sourced in Ireland. The total purchases of Irish goods and services made by Musgrave on behalf of its retail partners in Centra and Supervalu are worth over €2.6bn to the Irish economy each year. Mairtin is also passionate in supporting local indigenous Donegal jobs and suppliers with direct purchasing and promotion locally and nationally.


Mountain Top, Letterkenny

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